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Memories are funny.

I used to have such a remarkable memory that everyone came to me to verify events and conversations that occurred, and I was able to memorize whole pages of my high school textbooks the day before the exam. But not now. Now my memory sucks. Goodbye photographic memory, goodbye to large chunks of my life. … Continue reading Memories are funny.

As I’m struggling to write this memoir (or whatever it is), please bear with me as I write in small increments. I have never been one to write lengthy anything, so it’s challenging for me not to procrastinate, to have a moment to myself, and to find inspiration in the time that I do carve … Continue reading

Names, pt.1

I’ve always been fascinated by names and the reasons why they are given. Was it discussed ahead of time? Is your name the middle name of your great grandfather? Or was it just something that sounded “nice” at the time? Perhaps the reason why I am overthinking this (and I overthink everything, a lot) is … Continue reading Names, pt.1